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Birthdate:Jan 18
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi! If I know you from lj I was [ profile] ubixtiz over there.

My default icon was made by the fabulous [info]like_cheap_wine: I also have some other icons she's made, and a few I've snagged from various other artists. Artists are credited in icon keywords and/or comments. If an icon here is not labeled with a credit, I probably made it myself. I also have some icons uploaded to my lj scrapbook. If for some reason someone wanted to use an icon I made I would totally be okay with that, and if they told me about it first it would probably make my day.

The adorable Noel Fielding mood theme is by [info]thgtswopurpose.

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alan cumming, anthology publishing, banana popsicle yellow vespae, better than chocolate, cairo time, canadian media, chimamanda ngozi adichie, darmok, derivative fiction, feminism, husky puppies, intertextuality, jane austen, jock/trusty 4eva, kirk/enterprise=otp, krycek is a cylon, mythologies, n.k. jemisin, old english, paris when it sizzles, physical affection, pie, plums, polyamory, queerness, sex education, sex-positivism, shane/methos adventures in space, shiny things, so ridiculous it's wonderful, some like it hot, stick it, tattoos, the epic of gilgamesh, the little mermaid, the real lee adama, tomatoes, tony curtis, triton/ursula, walls, wilby wonderful, ya fiction, young americans, zorro (1957)
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